Boom Light

Diamond lux-lights is a simple(railing ans boom) solution for safety and delightful external illumination. Mounted around the deck you can really enjoy the silhouette of your vessel and you will be able to walk safely on deck. The lights are easy to mount, no cables and batteries are needed. They are built on solar cell technology, designed (made and designed in Finland) for optimal use and tested on the Nordic seas.

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Born of The Diamond Lux Lights

Two years ago in the autumn I was sailing. I’m a sailor who enjoys being anchored, on the open or on designated areas. There are always challenges and risk with anchored in the open, due to the amount of traffic that is present around the clock. I always make sure I have the anchor lights on.

Once when I was out with the dinghy near the vessel, I made a sudden realization: Even when I was relatively close, and the necessary lights were on the vessel, spotting her was difficult. I asked myself why was is it so? In a sailing boat the anchor light is usually up in the mast, because of this it is hard to see it, even from relatively close distance. That made me think.

While being anchored, walking on the deck in the dark can be a difficult task. I don’t want to use a floodlight or anything that would disturb me or others. Lanterns and torches weren’t the solution. Lanterns smell or go out in the a gust of wind. Torches and headlights are often unwieldy, require the use of hands, or just fall out off the deck.

I came up with a solution. A light that is installed on the stanchions, that provide illumination and visibility. This provides safety and additional enjoyment. This is how Diamond Lux lights were born.